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    Heshan Baoyuan Textile Co., Ltd

    Baoyuan Company is located in the rich the Pearl River Delta. After years of careful development, it has become a modern large-scale textile enterprise integrating package dyeing, knitting denim and other production services. With a new marketing concept, excellent product quality and sincere service, the company has won the praise of a wide range of large customers. Among them, the knitted denim series produced by the company has fine and clear texture, soft and comfortable feel, and excellent breathability, which has become an excellent product of high-end denim series and sold at home and abroad.

    Four reasons for choosing Baoyuan

    In 2014, we focused on the development of package dyed yarn, knitted denim and other fabrics


    Manufacturers with strong strength

    Baoyuan has 14 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of knitted denim and other fabrics; With complete technology, advanced equipment and rich qualifications, it is a one-stop service enterprise


    Experienced technicians

    We attach great importance to the cultivation of talents and have a technical team composed of various technical personnel; Conduct multiple quality inspection procedures from production to finished products, and conduct continuous and multi-directional inspection


    Adopt ancient dyeing process

    Baoyuan knitted denim indigo yarn is dyed with the old INDIGO dyeing process and the advanced equipment independently developed by the company


    Provide perfect after-sales service

    Take various forms of cooperation steps to improve work efficiency and efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and establish customer loyalty through after-sales service

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